Multifunctional touch screen video console integrating the management and programming
of burglar alarm systems from Tecnoalarm and Videoalarm IP devices.
The viewing of the surveillance cameras can be associated to the events of opening of a zone input
and zone alarm. The live streams of the cameras can be viewed in sequence (full screen mode)
or on mosaics (showing 4 live streams simultaneously), both automatically or manually.
The console permits the viewing of up to 24 IP cameras and, if equipped with SD card,
is able to record video clips of 30s length for 8 of them.
The user interface is made of a TFT 7” capacitive colors touch screen, a voice synthesis function
and an interactive and intuitive graphic interface with icons contextual to the system status.
Flash memory – USB port – Management of 32 programs – Stylish design – Ultra-thin ASA casing –
Surface and fl ush mounting – Exchangeable white cover plate




IP POE (Power over Ethernet) connection for data transmission and power supply –
UTP CAT 5 connection – RJ45 – Max. connection distance 80m



IP connection for data transmission – Separate power cord – UTP CAT 5 connection – RJ45 –
Max. connection distance 80m

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0.5 kg
Größe 15 × 15 × 5 cm

Mit POE, Ohne POE


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